The discussion of pressing social problems that we confront today is in crisis. Deepening this crisis is the fact that the principles that have guided the progressive movement over the years are today in disarray. In large part, in many quarters, they are in shambles. Two recent books, Cynical Theories (Pluckrose & Lindsay, 2020) and The Elect (McWhorter, forthcoming), have provided us with a roadmap for rebuilding the movement, mainly a roadmap for beginning the discussion again. (1)

The first book, by Pluckrose & Lindsay, starts with the problem of: How activist scholarship made everything about race, gender and identity…

Review of Story, Listening and Experience in Early Childhood

by Donna Schatt & Patrick Ryan

Palgrave Macmillan, 2021

The relationship between language and literacy is a research problem of many years of progress in cognitive science, especially in regard to school (or academic-related) literacy. This is only one of the topics covered by the authors, but the one that will be on readers’ mind throughout the six chapters and three appendices. We have an example here of a study written mainly for educators and parents centered on applications for the classroom. It will also be of interest to researchers, both…

Norbert Francis

Norbert Francis works on problems of language and culture, research in Latin America and East Asia.

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